Gary Pascual On What Makes a Great Vacation Destination

Gary Pascual

As a person with a true passion for travel, Gary Pascual is often sought out by friends and family to provide insights on where they should travel to next. Gary Pascual believes the most difficult part of making travel suggestions for others is that what may be a dream vacation for one person could be a total nightmare for another. In order to help travelers narrow down their destination options, Gary Pascual will provide a checklist below of factors to consider. By ranking these factors, any would be traveler can simplify their research and narrow down their list of potential destinations.

  1. Budget – There are many great destinations that can be enjoyed on a tight budget, however, there’s also plenty of destinations that will be priced out rather quickly depending on how much a traveler is willing to spend. Gary Pascual recommends setting a budget that a traveler is comfortable with prior to researching destinations.
  2. Access to Amenities – For Gary Pascual, no vacation is complete without the ability to enjoy the great outdoors. Whether it be paddleboarding on the ocean or hiking in the mountains, there must be proximity to some fun in the sun. Others may prioritize proximity to a pool or incredible restaurants serving their favorite type of cuisine. When a traveler knows what amenities mean the most to them, it becomes easier to find a destination they will be happy with visiting.
  3. Weather – Gary Pascual will typically seek out tropical locations for a relaxing vacation, but there are plenty of perks to traveling to areas that offer frigid temperatures and unlimited skiing and snowboarding. There are plenty of areas that all but guarantee a certain time of climate during times of the year. There are other places where the temperature can fluctuate. Understanding how important the weather will be in the enjoyment level of a vacation is key.
  4. Historical Impact – One of the greatest parts of travel is exploring areas that have played a major role in our earth’s history. Gary Pascual loves mixing up his travel plans to take in classic architecture or visit landmarks that bring history books to life. Many areas of historical significance can accommodate some of the factors above, so there’s no denying learning can be fun!
  5. Your Travel Companions – Gary Pascual believes it is important to consider the wants and needs of every member of your travel group. The age of your fellow travelers will help narrow down options as some locations are more kid-friendly while others are more attractive to adults. Asking everyone to contribute a few ideas on how they would describe their dream vacation is a great way to gather information that will lead to the selection of the ideal vacation destination.

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