Gary Pascual on Safely Transitioning From Stationary Biking to Outdoor Cyclist

Gary Pascual

As an avid cyclist, Gary Pascual is often asked for cycling guidance from friends and family members. One of the common issues those new to cycling face is that they have accumulated plenty of hours on a stationary bike only to find that transitioning to outdoor cycling is too painful or exhausting. Fortunately, there are ways to transition safely into outdoor cycling. Today, Gary Pascual will touch on some of the best ways to create a love for outdoor cycling that can last a lifetime.

Regarding the differences between stationary cycling and outdoor cycling, there are more than external factors like weather, road conditions, and traffic concerns to consider. Outdoor cycling requires a fair amount of endurance, whereas stationary bikes don’t offer the same level of intensity. Gary Pascual recommends ramping up slowly over time. A lot of new outdoor cyclists try to complete the same distance their stationary bike was calculating at the gym. The truth is utilizing different muscles is going to cause fatigue to set in earlier – at least until they are provided with the chance to build up strength. Keeping a positive mindset and refusing to let self-doubt creep in is paramount during the initial transition to outdoor cycling.

The quality of the bike itself is essential for outdoor cyclists, explains Gary Pascual. A beginner should not look for the fastest bike in their local shop. One of the best styles of bikes is called a hybrid bike, which features road bike qualities and mountain bike elements. This type of bike is designed to move well, but it won’t reach speeds that could put an early rider in danger of losing control. Those with older bikes would be wise to bring a bike to a local bike shop for a once-over. Gary Pascual has found that a bike tune-up is usually somewhere in the range of $30, and the price is well worth it. Sometimes, a bike needs more than just additional air in the tires. If a tune-up makes sure brakes are in working order and all gears are adequately lubricated, it will significantly increase the safety of the rider when they head out for a biking excursion.

Safety is more important than comfort, but padded cycling shorts can provide a rider with both. Gary Pascual recommends every cyclist invests in pairs of padded cycling shorts, a helmet that properly fits their head, and a pair of sunglasses that are comfortable to wear while riding. Cycling outside safely also calls for a person to understand the rules of the road. When a cyclist is out on the road, they must follow the same rules as the cars on the road. This means that bikes need to stop at red lights and signal (with their hands) when turning. There are additional laws for cyclists depending on the state someone calls home. Gary Pascul notes that most state websites will have a place for residents to view their local cycling laws.

Finally, Gary Pascual recommends utilizing designated bike paths or roads. Sidewalks are more dangerous than main roads because of the uneven terrain. It’s also a lot easier to share the road with a car than navigate past families out for a walk or people walking their dog. Many people on the sidewalk have their headphones in, and when it is challenging to converse with a pedestrian, more dangerous situations can arise.

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