Gary Pascual

As a sports and fitness enthusiast, Gary Pascual understands that a life in the gym isn’t for everyone. Sure, weight training has its benefits, but some people prefer to take to the great outdoors to exercise and stay active. Gary Pascual started this website to help others discover some of the great outdoor activities that he has fallen in love with over the years. From stand-up paddle boarding to cycling and off-road adventures, exercise doesn’t have to feel like exercise when you’re having a great time.

The hardest thing about enjoying outdoor sports and recreational activities is getting started. Gary Pascual knows how intimidating the prospect of stand up paddleboarding can be. However, once a person gets started, they are often amazed at how quickly they fall in love with the activity. Gary Pascual does not pretend that the activity is always easy for beginners, but it is always rewarding. Below those new to stand-up paddleboarding can take advantage of tips for beginners from Gary Pascual. Be sure to visit the blog page for more sports and recreation topics that will be updated regularly to motivate and inspire those looking to try new things.

Gary Pascual On Starting Out with Stand-up Paddle Boarding

The first thing any beginner should do when looking at a paddle board is make sure they have a board with a leash that fits securely around their wrist. The leash is vital to the safety of anyone out on a paddle board. The leash will also help ensure that no board is lost during the first couple of trips out on the water. Most leashes can attach to various parts of the body should a boarder prefer that it is attached to their ankle. Gary Pascual says having a check list will help those new to paddle boarding. After ensuring the leash is secure, the next step should be making sure that the paddle is faced the proper way. The easiest way to identify if the paddle is facing the right direction is to check if the paddle shaft is vertical and able to scoop the water while balancing. It is easy to feel when the paddle is facing the wrong direction as will cause additional stress on the elbows and shoulders.

It will be foreign to beginners as to which way they should stand on their board. Beginner boards typically have a large round nose and tail boards to offer the best stability. The fins should always be behind the paddler. The fins being located at the back help keep the board straight. If the board feels extremely unsteady and loose, it is likely that the paddler is facing in the wrong direction on their board. When it comes to paddling on the board, this is where Gary Pascual really loves the workout provided. Stand up paddle boarding is all about core strength. Beginners will typically try to paddle with their arms, but they should be paddling with their core. Once a person unlocks the proper technique, the entire experience will be much more enjoyable and that much more of a great workout!

Once someone has begun to paddle, they will naturally want to look down at what they are doing. Trepidation about falling will also make a paddler look down at the water. However, Gary Pascual will tell paddlers that looking down is the very worst thing a paddler can do for their stability. The best position is to keep the head up and look straight out at the horizon. This stance will keep the body weight over the toes, which is essential. Looking down will cause the paddler to rock back on their heels and this greatly increases the risk of falling off the board. Looking up is not only essential to staying upright but also to keeping others safe. Paddle boards are big, and they do hurt when they smack you. Looking out for others is an important part of the paddle boarding process.

Finally, Gary Pascual encourages new paddle boarders to give themselves some slack. No one goes out the first day and is prepared to take on the largest waves the ocean has to offer. There will be falling, but it is less intimidating when a boarder is prepared to fall. The leash is on so that the boarder does not lose the board when they fall. Paddlers should not be afraid to fall away from their board. The first couple of falls are usually a blessing in disguise as they show boarders that falling is not something to fear.